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How to Produce the Right Video for Your Brand: The New Video Ecosystem [Video]

Video production and video marketing is something absolutely everyone can easily and affordably get into these days. It's really a question of mindset.

The web is becoming video-based. More than that, it's not just Google anymore. It's not just YouTube, blogs or Facebook. The web is composed of a multitude of new hubs and platforms for people to create, share, think, analyse. Apps are the new web frontier, and as they say, there is one for everything.

Even what we used to call software, such as Adobe's Creative Suite/Cloud (e.g. Photoshop, After Effects), now want to be known as apps.

The new world of video

In this new environment, attention is the most precious currency. And the best way to receive any is to build a relationship with your audience(s).

This is where the whole new ecosystem of videos come into play. In order to create lasting relationships, you need at least:

  • Frequency: posting content regularly to keep people coming back
  • Quality: not …
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Video Content Marketing

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