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How to Plan a Marketing Campaign That Actually Gets Results (Templates) [Video]

The process of planning a marketing campaign is complex; delivering one consistent message across multiple channels to reach your audience isn’t easy. Truth is: without a smart strategy and sound processes in place, it can quickly become an unorganized mess.

In this post, you’ll learn how to map out successful marketing campaigns. From planning to execution, you’ll keep everything on track to guide your organization or client toward success.

We’ll walk through:

  • What makes up a marketing campaign.
  • Why you should spend time planning one.
  • 9 types of marketing campaigns.
  • How to create and plan a marketing campaign.
  • A checklist to simplify the entire process.

Plus, you’ll get two campaign plan templates to make sure you’ve got the tools to put this advice into practice.

Grab ’em both before we dive in.

Marketing Campaign Plan Templates to Crush Your Goals

We’re about to do a deep dive into marketing campaign planning.

Grab your …

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Social Listening is Not Big Brother! [Video]

Social listening is the act of actually listening to public conversations that are happening across social media and forums and blogs.In the past six months I've read two media articles criticising government and public sector agencies for engaging in social listening.I have to say that I disagree with the fundamental concept and argument being put across in those media articles.

Social Media Marketing

HBO Max might be one of the newest streaming platforms on the market, but the marketing minds that be at WarnerMedia are doing whatever it takes to get the service into the homes of whoever they can. Saturday afternoon, an action-packed HBO Max teaser was posted to the platform's official social [...]