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How to Nail Your Next Video Script (Plus 3 Mistakes to Avoid) [Video]

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Facebook have caught on.

With over 1 billion users they know how we consume content better than anyone.

And video matters.

Video matters so much that Facebook want it in your stream more than any other form of content.

The push towards video marketing is so prevalent that it’s created a fork in the road for all marketers.

Are you in or out?

You have a choice, just like everyone else. Create video content, or miss out on a bunch of clicks, shares and new customers.

Today I want to help you create an explainer video script – one form of video marketing that is trending at the moment.

Making a good explainer video is not easy.

That’s why the very first step is to write a video script, the backbone of your entire video.

Today you’ll learn the basics of explainer video scriptwriting and how to write a great one yourself.

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