How To Move To Shopify From ANY Ecommerce Site IN MINUTES! 🔥 [Video]

How To Move To Shopify From ANY Ecommerce Site IN MINUTES! 🔥

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We get this question all the time “What’s the best platform for ecommerce?” We always say the same thing…SHOPIFY.

A lot of ecommerce businesses may be using Wix, WordPress, Woocommerce, etc and they are UNHAPPY (to put it nicely) with their experience. They want to move to shopify but they are worried it’s going to be really expensive and time consuming to transfer their products, images, and customers over to Shopify.

We’ve got a SUPER HACK to move to Shopify from ANY ecommerce site….and it will only take minutes! If you’re looking for how to transfer to Shopify this is your fastest and cheapest option!

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Building Out Your eCommerce Tech Stack | Jen McFarland [Video]

Welcome to another episode of the Ecommerce Marketing Podcast as Jen McFarland, Founder of Women Conquer Business shares some actionable strategies on how to build out an Ecommerce Tech Stack so your business runs effeciently.RESOURCES & LINKS:____________________________________________eCommerce Marketing Podcast: https://www.ecommercemarketingpodcast...OSI Affiliate Software: https://www.osiaffiliate.comWomen Conquer Business: https://www.womenconquerbiz.com____________________________________________Jen McFarland is the Founder of Women Conquer Business, is a digital marketing operations consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses slay technology overwhelm, streamline processes, and amplify their impact. She uses her project design superpowers to dramatically transform your marketing strategy and operations from a huge headache into a business-building asset. Think of her as a patient and empathetic tech translator who geeks out on helping you find and use the right systems to bring your most audacious goals within easy reach.She's an uber-nerd who loves dad jokes, building seamless systems, and helping leaders find more joy in their work. She's approachable, a goofball, and she swears on her right eyeball that she'll NEVER get judgy or sanctimonious on you. No matter how “simple” your issue may seem, or how long you’ve struggled to conquer it.____________________________________________Let me know what you think as well by subscribing on social media:You can follow Arlen at:Website: https://www.arlenrobinson.comInstagram: you are looking to launch an affiliate program for your business check out our software @ Robinson is a seasoned business owner and co-founder of OSI Affiliate Software which gives businesses the opportunity to set up and manage their own affiliate and customer referral programs. With over 20 years of experience managing and running various aspects of the company, Arlen has a wealth of information that he can share. His current responsibilities involve leading all business development activities for the company as well as hosting a Weekly podcast known as the Ecommerce Marketing Podcast in which he interviews various marketing experts about successful ecommerce marketing strategies.