How to Migrate Shopify to BigCommerce (2021 Complete Guide) [Video]

How to Migrate Shopify to BigCommerce (2021 Complete Guide)

This video will show you how to migrate Shopify to BigCommerce accurately, with no technical skills required!

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The process of migrating Shopify to BigCommerce can be very tedious and complicated if you choose the wrong way to do it. In reverse, it will be very easy and speedy if you do it right.

With LitExtension, it only takes you 3 simple steps and a few hours to get your migration from Shopify to BigCommerce done.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Register an account on LitExtension website
0:23 Set up Source Store and Target Store
1:52 Configure the migration
2:38 Run migration from Shopify to BigCommerce
3:10 Why choose LitExtension

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Welcome to this new episode of Digital Blitz, Product Leaders where we bring you the pioneers who understand the importance of investing in UX, building robust Tech and following strict Compliance.In this episode, I am joined by Jim Herbert who is the Vice President & General Manager for EMEA at BigCommerce. BigCommerce ( is the world's only OpenSaaS eCommerce platform that helps merchants drive more sales online. Jim is responsible for growth across the EMEA region and we speak about the BigCommerce platform is helping companies of all sizes scale eCommerce by following those best practices.I hope you enjoy this chat with Jim. It's really great to see leading products follow best practices and provide great UX, Tech and Compliance.Timecodes:0:00 - Intro1:00 - Welcome Jim1:47 - BigCommerce history6:22 - User Experience (Startup to Corporate)10:37 - Accessibility for all13:20 - Technology & hosting at scale 19:20 - Security22:20 - Compliance, PCI and data privacy25:25 - BigCommerce roadmap27:55 - Final advice--If you need help on your eCommerce journey, feel free to reach out. At Cyber-Duck (, we deliver meaningful Digital Transformation for corporate clients and government bodies through solid and considered strategic thinking. We mix our user-centred design process with our technology capabilities to deliver exceptional experiences. Subscribe to keep learning with me and grow your career in digital by delivering better experiences for your customers. If you enjoyed this:- Follow me on Twitter Read more on my blog You can watch other episodes on my YouTube Channel