How to Migrate BigCommerce to OpenCart (2021 Complete Guide) [Video]

How to Migrate BigCommerce to OpenCart (2021 Complete Guide)

In this video, we’re going to show you the ultimate way to migrate BigCommerce to OpenCart. No technical skills required and we can guarantee a perfect result and the highest security for you.

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The process of migrating BigCommerce to OpenCart can be very tedious and complicated if you choose the wrong way to do it. In reverse, it will be very easy and speedy if you do it right.

With LitExtension, it only takes you 3 simple steps and a few hours to get your migration from BigCommerce to OpenCart done.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Register an account on LitExtension website
0:23 Set up Source Store and Target Store
1:22 Configure the migration
2:08 Run migration from BigCommerce to OpenCart
2:39 Why choose LitExtension

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BigCommerce | Magento 1 End of Life EOL - Countdown Begins [Video]

The Magento 1 End of Life End of Life (EOL) - Countdown Begins. Make sure you are ready and stay secure online with your online store. 🔥 Sign-up for a Free Trial of BigCommerce Today ➤ BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that creates beautiful and completely customized online stores with built-in features such as search engine optimization, marketing tools, analytics and hundreds of integrated apps.🔥 Sign-up for a Free Trial of BigCommerce Today ➤🟢 Hashtags!#bigcommerce#sellonline#onlinestore#ecommerce ✅ MORE VIDEOS ➤* All LIVE DEALS on video -* Artificial Intelligence Softwares -* Content Creation Softwares -* Lead Generation Softwares -* Marketing Softwares -* Presentation Softwares -*Productivity Softwares -* Social Media Softwares -* Support Softwares -* Video Softwares -**Some of the links and products that appear in this video are from companies which we received an affiliate commission or referral bonus. bVentured Digital is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available by the time you access this video. Check out our collections for active offers that can save you money.


This BigCommerce vs Shopify comparison will reveal the main strengths of these eCommerce giants. CHECK FOR DISCOUNTS ↓↓↓↓ Shopify 100% OFF➜ Shopify Discount Code➜ Try BigCommerce for FREE ➜ BigCommerce Coupon Code ➜ Best Website Builder Deals➜▬ RELATED CONTENT ▬BigCommerce Review - Extensive Analysis: Review - Extensive Analysis: vs. Shopify: eCommerce Website Builder: vs Shopify - Find Out Who Is The WINNER In 2021!In this epic BigCommerce vs Shopify fight of 2021, I will introduce you to each competitor, their strengths, weaknesses, and even hidden advantages. In this video, you will find more about their most unique and important features, see how they stand up to several tests, and find out everything you need to know to pick your champion.Pricing & Deals: when it comes to Shopify vs BigCommerce pricing, we are left with a tie. both website builders have pretty much identical pricing and even have the same amount of plans available, it all comes down to personal preference. Shopify Basic and BigCommerce Standard costs just a little less than $30/mo. Shopify and BigCommerce Plus come out to be $80/mo, and Advanced Shopify and BigCommerce Pro plans both cost $300/mo. However, these numbers might pleasantly change if you click on the links above!User Interface: there's little surprise that these website builders both stand out from the croud. when it comes to BigCommerce vs Shopify UI, the builders both have intuitive, simple-to-use interfaces that make website building a breese for both beginner and more advanced level users. But, to avoid any more spoilers of what I talk about in the video, I'll let you find out more yourself.Features and Tools: perhaps the most important factor when it comes to the BigCommerce vs Shopify comparison is the website editing possibilities. While both competitors have a lot of features, options, and even SEO tools, BigCommerce does come in first by a few extra flexibilities that Shopify lacks. Templates: If you would like to save some precious time on creating your website from scratch, both website builders offer free and premium templates, which can cost anywhere between $100 and $300+. Of course, if you would like to keep some creative liberty to yourself, you can watch me create a mock website in this video.Pros & Cons: though there are many close calls when it comes to BigCommerce vs Shopify, they come from very different parts of the website builders. Shopify has many great plans and an easy-to-use UI to offer, while BigCommerce has a fancy drag-and-drop feature that is super useful and allows you to register unlimited accounts. And many other comparisons you can find in my video.Time Table0:00 Bigcommerce vs Shopify0:58 Shopify vs BigCommerce Templates1:46 Unique Features of BigCommerce and Shopify4:34 Applications Tab of BigCommerce and Shopify5:21 Information About The Transaction Fees7:59 Pros & Cons of BigCommerce and Shopify9:08 BigCommerce vs Shopify Pricing10:19 BigCommerce vs Shopify Wrap-upAdvertiser DisclosureBy growing our channel, we aim to share our discoveries & research for free so that most people can create their dream websites as fast and easily as possible. We highly value full transparency and honesty, as our main goal is to help our subscribers make a fact-based, informed decision. SiteGuide's unbiased findings depend on our subscriber support. To provide you with exclusive & valuable discounts and deals, we may sometimes receive a small affiliate commission if you decide to get products via links, at no extra cost to you. Full disclosure here: #BigCommerceWebsiteBuilderReview #ShopifyWebsiteBuilderReview #BigCommerceWebsiteBuilder #ShopifyWebsiteBuilder


This video reviews the BigCommerce eCommerce website builder. You will get the necessary information on building a highly profitable online store and start selling the products you like.BigCommerce was founded in 2009 and has helped thousands of individuals in the United States and worldwide start and run profitable eCommerce businesses.Among this platform's users, we can name companies such as Ben and Jerry's, Martha Stewart, Toyota, but there are also many others.You will build an eCommerce website quickly, even if you don't have prior skills or experience in the matter. A BigCommerce system will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.After customizing your online store to your liking, you will start selling an unlimited number of products that cna be digital, physical, or service-based.That being said, this video gives a summary of the most important features included in the BigCommerce website builder for eCommerce. I also urge you to use the link under this description to read a detailed review of BigCommerce. You will see how to start using this platform at a great price.