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How To Make The Most of Twitter [Video]

While Twitter may be old, it is one of the places where some of the smartest and most successful people in the world engage with each other, and it is one of the most helpful social media platforms that exists today. In this episode, Eric gives us some tips on how to make the most of it. Tune in to hear about the power of Twitter advanced search, how to use tweet storms, other best practices, and even formatting tips, to help you level up your Twitter reach. 


  • [00:19] Why Eric believes Twitter is one of the most helpful social media platforms today.
  • [00:52] The first tip: how to benefit from Twitter advanced search.
  • [01:48] How you can make use of tweet storms. 
  • [02:31] Why Eric would choose Twitter over blogging if he was starting today.
  • [02:44] Why you should post links in the comments instead of the tweets.
  • [03:16] Why you shouldn’t just retweet, you should reply.
  • [03:39] How to tag someone in a tweet so that …
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YT Ads not running? Troubleshoot like this [Video]

In this video, we'll go over some of the most common situations that can happen for YouTube ads to stop running, and how we can troubleshoot itGET A DEMO OF OUR YT ADS COURSE: A DISCOVERY CALL WITH LINX: OUR FB GROUP AND ASK SHASH ANYTHING!'t forget to subscribe to see videos before anyone else to get access to the youtube ads academy and to see what's working in digital marketing as well as the latest online marketing strategies for a digital agency: with Shash on Facebook: Shash on Instagram: with Linx Digital on Linkedin!: Linx Digital Agency:Linx focuses on video ads for YouTube Ads and has made a name for themselves focusing on clients who provide courses, info products, consulting and service offers as well as high ticket tangible goods. The Linx team has grown over the years and now comprised of a dozen full-time & part-time employees. All our staff goes through extensive media buying and data analysis training. If you want to get 2x-5x ROI on your Ads, request your free consultation here- About this video:In this video, we explain how to troubleshoot when YouTube Ads is not working for you, somehow.We show the most common situations and how to fix them.

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Google My Business in 2021: All Your Questions, Answered! [Video]

If you wanna rank your business in Google searches, they actually give you a pretty powerful tool you can use to get there. It’s called Google My Business.But like all things marketing, it’s all in the optimization if you wanna see real results. I’m sure you have some questions — and I’ll be answering all of ‘em in this video! 😎Seriously, my Google My Business videos are some of my most popular on Youtube, which brings a crazy amount of questions from my audience. And a lot of them are asking the same things…So I decided to answer all the most important (and popular) questions I get about Google My Business. These answers will mean the difference between ranking #1 or somewhere on page 7, so this will be worth every second of your time!And if I didn’t answer your question, comment below and ask away! I’m here to help. 😊🎬 Register for the FREE On-demand video masterclass training, "The Wildly Profitable One-Weekend Website Blueprint for Service Businesses!" Just go to:🎧 Listen to Wes' 'The Profitable Website' Podcast: