How to make sure you keep saving money as we come out of lockdown [Video]

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If you’ve managed to save a decent chunk of money in lockdown, well done.

While we may have saved cash on everything from ditching our commutes to cutting back our outside-of-the-house entertainment, there have been plenty of new forms of temptation, such as the endless pull of online shopping and takeout food orders to reduce the drudgery of cooking.

So, as we said, well done if you have managed to save money. That’s impressive and to be applauded.

Hannah Wright, 27, told us she’s been saving loads more money in lockdown: ‘I’ve been saving more in lockdown than I would usually do, and I want to use my savings towards buying my first home in the next few months.

‘I’ve been working full time from my mum’s throughout lockdown (I work for the Government so it’s been very busy!) and I’ve been able to save money by not commuting or buying expensive meals in town.

‘I also usually spend a lot on …

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