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How To Make A Social Media Calendar (free Template!) [Video]

If you struggle to find direction on your social media channels, you’re not alone. Having a lack of concrete goals for your posts means they can seem scattered and disorganized, and it leaves you feeling like you gained nothing from all the time you invested in your social channels.

If you feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up with your social channels, a social media calendar addresses these problems and then some. This guide shows you what, why, and how to turn your social channels into business-boosting machines.

A social media calendar is the secret weapon you need to boost your business online. Simply speaking, it is the system your team uses to organize and streamline your social media content across all of your channels.

Any platform works, as long as it outlines all of your upcoming social media content in one place. Your calendar should include important items like:

  • Posting days and times
  • Goals of each post
  • Campaign details
  • Sales …

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Social Media Marketing

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