Digital Marketing

How to launch a successful Google Ads campaign? [Video]

You know, a single query on the Google network generates millions of results. For brands, it is above all the risk of being drowned in the midst of competitors.

To increase sales and revenue, a business needs to grab the attention of its target audience directly from search engines, by being placed as high as possible on the results page.

Developing the visibility of your website begins with the implementation of a natural referencing (SEO) strategy. This strategy is based on three pillars (lexicon, technique and net linking) and allows you to get your site up in search engines on certain keywords. It is a necessary groundwork, which gives excellent results in the long term.

But to boost your visibility, nothing like combining natural referencing and paid referencing (SEA)! This is the best way to make your site, offers or products visible directly in the first results of search engines.

Google Ads, what is it?

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