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How to Integrate Motion Graphics in Your Content Marketing + Examples [Video]

When was the last time a YouTube ad or a social media post caught your attention?

What was it about the content or information that stopped you from skipping the post on your feed or clicking the Skip ad button?

If you’re wondering whether our attention spans have shortened as often reported, the jury’s still out. Some say that equating our attention span to that of a goldfish is a myth.

One thing’s for sure, though – the way we’re processing information online is changing.

YouTube UK industry manager Paddy Collins writes that our attention span is like a muscle. With the deluge of data and information, our attention span muscles have developed this reflex of diverting itself elsewhere if it knows what will happen next and doesn’t like it.

In short, your audience has learned to shut off their attention muscle if your information is irrelevant to them.

A 2018 survey from Salesforce Researchalso supports this idea. …

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Social Media Marketing

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