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How To Increase Product Sales With Your Merch || Understand your data to make more sales online! [Video]

How To Increase Product Sales With Your Merch || Understand your data to make more sales online!

If you’re trying to figure out how to increase product sales or sell more products, this video is for you. It’s important to understand sales data and how to study that data to increase sales conversions. Thank you Spreadshop for sponsoring this video!

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0:00-0:19 Intro
0:19-0:53 Shoutouts
0:53-1:50 Sponsor
1:50-3:20 Your sales analytics and what to look at
3:20-8:23 Questions to ask your target audience to increase interest
8:23-14:55 How to tidy up your shop and products to increase conversions
14:55-5:49 Creating new designs for your shop
16:51-18:08 Have a successful 2nd launch after implementing these steps
18:08-18:41 How to sell without being too sales-y

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