How to help your client prepare high-quality content for their site build [Video]

How to help your client prepare high-quality content for their site build

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Tired of clients handing you embarrassing copy and photos to work with when designing their site? Wish there was a better way to help clients gather the high quality content you need in order to build them a beautiful, fully functioning website? Check out these tips!

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#BOSSUP #AUTHENTICITY #BEBRAVE #DARKNIGHTOFTHESOULNew Videos up every Wednesday and Saturday🔥Like, Share, Subscribe if ya like!👍👍Hey yall, wassup? So if yall haven't seen my video of what the dark night of the soul is, you check it out here . But in short, the dark night of the soul is when you go through a life transformation that brings you to the rock bottom of your life. When you are so confused and don't understand what to do next. This could be caused by the passing of a loved one or any other kind of unpredictable circumstance. In today's video, I give you my example of what this looked like for me, and how I managed! And of course, utilize your own intuition to discern how and why you believe what you do. Shape your own beliefs! Thanks for watching!WORK WITH ME! (MY WEBSITE)💫UPGRADE YOU💫⚡⚡MINDVALLEY LINK⚡⚡:🌠SIS'S JEWELRY SHOP🌠THE NATIVE TRIBE @ETSY:🌀OTHER VIDEOS🌀DIVINE ENERGIES: FEMININE + MASCULINE ☯🌠🌌 PICK-A-CARD READING: THE SUN 🧡🌞🧡 (ASTROLOGY SERIES) ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?🦁 app: $Freshslade7$Freshslade7​​​​​​


FLAT OUT In The Lotus Emira On Track! DETAILED LOOK | VLOG 36 [Video]

With Tim and Brad on tour in Europe collect the new team car, it is time for Tom and Marc to visit the Lotus headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk. The British manufacturer is working hard on the development of their latest model, the Emira, and we were given an in-depth look at the new member of the Lotus family.The day starts with Tom and Marc deciding which car to take to Lotus Cars. The reason behind the final choice might surprise you. On site at the factory, the guys are greeted by the best Lotus has to offer these days and more. Three special events are planned giving us and you a special look into the current ongoing development process of the Emira.First up, Marc has news to share! He is also planning to order his first Lotus, which won't be the Emira First Edition with its V6 manual which Tim opted for. Instead Marc has chosen the four-cylinder running the AMG power-plant and 8-speed gearbox.After an initial walkaround in the showroom, a development rig is shown which includes the virtual cockpit of the Emira. A full demo is given showing us more of how the dashboard displays and the system behind it all is going to work. A great little tour by the development team, which is followed by a talk with Scott Walker, commonly referred to as Mr. Lotus due to his extensive knowledge of the Lotus brand. Scott shows us around the car, tells us about all kinds of interesting in-depth details which you might not know yet!The final highlight of the day brings us to the race track where Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Dan is taking us for a lap around Lotus' private race track. The first track outing shows us how well-balanced the new sports car is with the highlights being the front axle set up, quick steering, immense levels of grip and more importantly the lovely soundtrack of the supercharged V6.The day ends with a recap of the experience at Lotus Cars. Special thanks to the team at Lotus for organising such a lovely day full of experiences making us look forward to the day we can drive the Emira ourselves.Thanks for watching!


Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves dropping subtle hints for Tesla followers regarding insider information around the stock. The most infamous one being the foreshadowing of the 5-1 stock split in August 2020. This has led many speculators to study Elon's tweets with a fine-tooth comb, trying to find patterns & hints. As someone who loves puzzles, this is incredibly entertaining to watch, and for that reason wanted to make a video to share the latest. Resources:Rob Graves Thread:———————Q3 Company Earnings:Teladoc ($TDOC): ($CRSR): Revolve ($RVLV): Roku ($ROKU): Peloton ($PTON): Vuzix ($VUZI): Palantir ($PLTR): Coinbase ($COIN): ($SOFI): ($PINS): ($U): Q2 Company Earnings:Teladoc ($TDOC): Pinterest ($PINS): ($CRSR): Etsy ($ETSY): Fiverr ($FVRR): Coinbase ($COIN): ($SOFI): ($PLTR): Vuzix ($VUZI): Peloton ($PTON): Company Deep Dives (Alphabetical):Bumble vs. Match ($BMBL): Coinbase ($COIN): ($CRSR): vs. Netflix ($DIS): Duolingo ($DUOL): Etsy ($ETSY): Krispy Kreme ($DNUT): Palantir ($PLTR): Pinterest ($PINS): Roblox ($RBLX): ($ROKU): Squarespace ($SQSP): Unity ($U): Vuzix ($VUZI): 23AndMe ($ME): Hims and Hers ($HIMS): Peloton ($PTON): Recent Videos:Metaverse Stocks to Buy: Sunday Roundtable 3: Drop a Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed this video: Follow me on:Instagram - Twitter -​​​​​​ TikTok - Fundamentals of Investing E-Book - This content is for education and entertainment purposes only. Tevis / The Fundamentals of Investing Podcast does not provide investment or tax advice. The information is being presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.


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