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How to Get More Views on YouTube: Strategy From a Top Creator : Social Media Examiner [Video]

Wondering how to get more people to watch your YouTube videos? Looking for a strategy you can model?

To explore how to get more views on your YouTube videos, I interview Justin Brown on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Justin is a YouTube expert and video strategist who helps businesses grow an audience and scale their revenue with online video. His program is called Primal Video Accelerator. His YouTube channel has more than 800,000 subscribers.

You’ll learn five strategic elements that encourage people to watch videos longer and discover retention techniques that increase YouTube watch time.

Justin’s background is in professional-level video production including producing, directing, filming, and editing. He’s worked with Netflix on a global scale and several major broadcasters in the U.S.

Back in 2014, Justin started his YouTube channel where everyone starts—with zero followers. After a lot of testing and failing, he developed a strategy that works and now his channel gets …

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