Social Media Marketing

How to Get Ahead of Your Competitors In 9min Videos [Video]

Gary Vaynerchuk and Barbara Corcoran sit down to talk about business and the importance of social media in a post-coved world. They discuss the idea of underpriced attention and how having a social media presence in 2021 is essential for a business. The sheer amount of content being consumed on social media can no longer be ignored and needs to be capitalized on by everybody and the #1 variable to the success of your content on social media is the creative itself. Social media is the rawest form of the free market and the good stuff will quickly rise to the top while the bad stuff will never see the light of day. If this video brought you value consider leaving a like and subscribing to the channel for more videos every week… Enjoy! — Text me here — Your comments are my oxygen, please take a second and …

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