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How To Deliver Better Online Presentations [Video]

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How To Deliver Better Online Presentations

Episode 44 – How To Deliver Better Online Presentations with Simon Raybould.

We continue to look at ways to invest in ourselves as content creators in particular using video to share our messages and expertise.

I am joined by voice and presentation skills trainer Simon Raybould who is also the creator of ‘Presentation Genius’ a programme that includes a presentation design system, a book and high impact coaching.

In this episode Simon Raybould and I talk about:

  • making a lot more online presentations than ever before and how they combine presenting and video producing
  • how the tech can get in the way of delivering good presentations and what to do about it
  • the challenges facing the solo presenters and ways to make things easier for ourselves
  • why you should not under-estimate how much work is required before you go online
  • the differences between in-person events and virtual …