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How To Customize Your WooCommerce Checkout Page [Video]

How To Customize Your WooCommerce Checkout Page

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Learn how you can customize the checkout page on your Woo-commerce Website.

Let’s say you have an ecommerce Website, and you want to customize your checkout page

You can do that easily by following our simple steps,

So let’s get started

𝗧𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀 :

00:00 Intro

01:02 Install Cartflows Plugin

01:54 Import a Design for the Checkout Page.

04:53 Edit the Content of your Checkout Page

07:23 Edit Form Field of Checkout Page

10:33 To Get Premium Features of Cartflows plugin

14:22 To Create Upsell and Downsell

22:31 To Create Order Bump

Step 1: Install Cartflows Plugin

To install the plugin, go to Dashboard ► Plugins ► Add New,

Now search for ‘Cart flows plugin’ and click ‘Install & Activate’.

Step 2: Import a Design for the Checkout Page.

Go to Cart flows ► Flows ► Add new,

Select your design, & click View all steps ► Checkout page ► Import flow,

Now enter your design title & click ‘Import’

The design will be imported on your site.

To delete a page, click on 3 dots of a page & then click ‘Delete’ & ‘OK’

To display our new checkout page on your site.

Go to dashboard, & click ‘Settings’,

In Global checkout select ‘Checkout page’ & then click ‘Save settings’,

Now if we go to our checkout page & click refresh,

Step 3: Edit the content of your checkout page.

Just click ‘Edit with Elementor’,

Now drag and drop the elements,

To change the image, text of your checkout page.

Once you’re done with the changes, click ‘update’.

Likewise, you can edit thankyou page.

To customize your checkout page,

First Install the plugin, go to Dashboard ► Plugins ► Add New,

Now search for ‘Checkout field editor’ and click ‘Install & Activate’.

Now click ‘Checkout fields’ & now edit your fields,

To disable a field, click on that field & disable field option.

Likewise you can change field name, add placeholder text,

Once you’re done editing, click ‘save’.

To get premium features of cart flows plugin

Click ➜

Now click ‘Get Cartflows’, choose your plan,

Fill up the details & make payment.

Now click ‘Download’ & you will be taken to cart flows dashboard

Now again click ‘download’, you will see cartflows pro plugin

Just click ‘download’ & plugin will be downloaded.

To install the plugin in WordPress

Go to dashboard ► plugins ► Add New,

Then click ‘upload plugin’ & add the plugin file,

Now click ‘Install & Activate’, Now Enter licence key,

To get keys, go to cart flows dashboard ► API keys,

Now add the keys on your dashboard and click ‘Activate,

To create an upsell, go to dashboard ► Cartflows ► Flows,

Click on checkout page & then click ‘Add new step’,

Now click upsell & select your design & click ‘Import’.

Now Enter upsell name & click ‘import’,

Now drag the upsell & drop it below checkout page.

To add products to upsell click Edit ► Products,

Now select your product & add discount.

Once done, click ‘save Settings’

Now to design, click design ► Edit with Elementor,

Edit your upsell page by adding your product image, title, price.

Once done, click ‘update’,

Now upsell page will appear when a customer places an order.

Likewise you can recommend another product with lower price,

This feature is called downsell.

Follow the same steps as upsell, to create downsell.

To create an order bump, go to Dashboard ► Cart flows ► Flows,

And click on your checkout page, now click Edit ► Order bump

And enable order bump option.

Select the product, add the product image, once done click ‘save’

And now your customer will see recommended product, when they place order.

To edit the fields of the checkout page using cartflows pro plugin

Go to dashboard ► Cartflows ► Flows

Now click on your checkout page ► Edit ► Form Fields,

And enable custom field editor option.

And you can edit the field of your checkout page.

To get premium templates, go to templates,

You will find all the premium templates, select your design.

So that’s it, guys,

Now you know how to customize your checkout page.

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