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How To Create And Implement A Simple Content Strategy [Video]

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How To Create And Implement A Simple Content Strategy

Episode 49 – How To Create And Implement A Simple Content Strategy with Gudrun Lauret.

Being able to create better online content faster relies on more than just clever apps and tricks, a strategy informed by the right mindset is absolutely essential.

In this episode I am joined by content strategist and content producer Gudrun Lauret to discuss her client work, her special programme for heritage organisations and her podcast:

In this episode Gudrun Lauret and I talk about:

  • her passion for reading and writing which started at a very young age and how she launched a newspaper for her friends and family
  • how she was first published as a writer at the age of 14, studied journalism and worked for The Crack magazine, and after a small professional detour came back to content production
  • the steps she would take her clients though to get their content marketing strategy back on track and why you should play to your …
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