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How To Create An Appointment Booking Website With WordPress (With Any Page Builder) [Video]

How To Create An Appointment Booking Website With WordPress (With Any Page Builder)

Learn How To Make An Appointment Booking Website With Any Page Builder With Divi, Elementor, or Gutenberg)
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In this video, I will show you how to create a professional booking website with WordPress step by step. With this website, you can accept appointment bookings by time, date, employee, and also location. This is one of the most popular booking plugins for wordpress available because it is really simple to use. You can also use any page builder like divi, elementor, gutenberg, beaver builder, or oxygen.

TimeStamps for Appointment Booking Website

00:00 Intro
02:58 Get Hosting (Fast)
10:00 General Settings
12:28 Install WordPress Theme
13:50 Create Website + Import Demo Content
17:55 Design Website
28:41 Reset Website
32:35 Add Booking Integration
30:20 Plugin Overview
43:53 General Booking Settings
48:40 Add Employees
55:00 Adding Booking Categories
56:05 Adding Services
01:00:29 Adding Packages
01:03:08 Adding Locations
01:06:04 Adding Events
01:09:20 Display Bookings
01:21:43 Optimal Bookings
01:27:47 Employee + Customer Login
01:35:18 Emails + SMS Notifications
01:37:59 Adding Custom Fields
01:40:52 Accepting Payments
01:50:48 Ending 🙂

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