How To Create A B2B Wholesale eCommerce Store Using WooCommerce [Video]

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I've been building eCommerce sites using WordPress WooCommerce since 2011, and during that entire time, I've had several business owners looking for a way to customize their store to make it B2B (business to business).

What does this mean? Well it essentially means that clients (other businesses couldn't just rock up to the site and see all the products and pricing). First, they'd have to apply to become a member of the site. Then, once their application is approved, they would be able to see various products and pricing depending upon user role (what type of customer they are).

WooCommerce B2B is a great plug-in for this. Features include:

– Extend the default registration form to accept B2B registrations.
– Add a user roles dropdown and extra fields to the default registration form.
– Manually review and approve new B2B user registrations.
– Enable default registration fields
– Hide products and categories based on user roles.
– Hide prices and add to cart button
– Hide for guest users, specific user roles, or …

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