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How to Create a 80s Retro Title Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro [Video]

How to Create a 80s Retro Title Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

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In this Premiere Pro tutorial, Premiere Gal shows you how to use the Essential Graphics panel to build your own 80s style retro motion graphics templates. You’ll learn how to apply a variety of stylize and distortion effects to make the title look older and retro. You’ll find the step by step time-codes below.

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► Fonts Used:
– The Bold Font
– Lobster

0:00 Introduction to 80s Retro look
1:52 How to Make Text?
2:00 How to Change Font & Center Align?
2:18 How to Apply a Gradient Fill?
3:30 Understanding how layers work
3:58 Applying Bevel Alpha Effect
4:46 Color Emboss Effect
5:28 Channel Blur Effect
6:03 Applying Noise to Your Graphic
6:46 Adding a video background layer
7:30 Using Storyblocks Assets
8:30 Animating Your Text
9:51 Applying and Animating Gaussian Blur
11:23 Making a Motion Graphics Template
12:14 Adding a TV Power off effect
12:45 Sound Design
13:00 Adding Glitch Effects to Text
15:30 Adjusting Color Balance
15:48 Final Effect
16:00 Outro and Thanks!

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