Social Media Marketing

How to Convince Senior Leadership in Public Sector that Social Media Matters [Video]

In this blog I'm going to talk to you about how you can convince senior leadership to fully embrace social media, and digital communications. 

If you're a senior leader and you're reading this, you need to know, this is the most asked question that I get and I work with hundreds of public sector professionals all across the world in any given year. 

This is what I tell them, but hopefully you're listening, and maybe you will be the proactive one, and you will go to your marketing and comms team and ask; 

Guys, what are we doing on social? 

What are we doing online? 

What's our strategy this year? 

How can we elevate? 

What are the 50 best public sector and government agencies in the world doing? 

And how can we emulate and create our own systems, processes and storytelling, that truly engages the public in the digital age? 

I'm going to actually quote from my book here, because I've already written it, so why not …

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