How to Choose an Effective Bidding Strategy for Google Search Ads in 2021 [Video]

How to Choose an Effective Bidding Strategy for Google Search Ads in 2021

Is there a great bidding strategy for e-commerce and lead generation? Yes! But it will strongly depend on your business and goals. So, instead of giving you a one-size-fits-all bidding strategy, we’re going to discuss the best strategies for your business, the pros and cons to each, when to use them, and some “side effects” you’re going to have with each strategy.

Buckle up! Get ready to take notes because in this video, John and Kasim discuss the different bidding strategies you can use and how to make the most out of each:

Target CPA
Target ROAS
Maximize Clicks
Maximize conversions
Maximize conversion value
Target Impression Share
Manual CPC

Shoutout to Rob Sanders who left a comment on one of our videos and inspired us to create this video.

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