How To Capture 99% of Transactions in Google Analytics & Improve Your Attribution [Video]

It’s no secret that attribution has become a huge headache for marketers and business owners due to iOS14 and all of the privacy changes regarding tracking.

In fact, new Elevar customers that state attribution tracking is their primary pain point has jumped 134% in the last 2 months.

With the negative impact on Facebook Ads Manager reporting – delays, missing conversions, and just general craziness – we are also seeing an increase in customers that need to rely more on Google Analytics to help them understand overall performance.

The problem: once GA becomes the focus then tracking issues add to the overall uncertainty.

Here’s a short list of issues that our customers have experienced in Google Analytics:

  • Continued decline in attribution to paid marketing channels like paid search, paid social, and display campaigns where it’s become almost worthless to evaluate these channels in GA (for some it’s always been this way!)
  • Decline in total orders tracked in GA compared to Shopify where match …
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