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How to Build an Online Course (Quiz Included) [Video]

How to Build an Online Course (Quiz Included)

Could there be a world-class course creator in you? Take our quick free quiz to find out 👉

Online courses have made it easier and more lucrative than ever for anyone to build a passionate audience, get recognized as a leading expert, and even unlock an abundant income stream, plus the freedom to work whenever and from wherever.

Maybe you’ve tried creating a course.

Maybe you’ve got a potentially brilliant idea for one.

Or maybe you’re still wondering if you have enough confidence and credibility to even make one (spoiler: you absolutely do).

Wherever you’re at in your journey as a creator, take our free quiz and we’ll hook you up with a customized FREE lesson with two of the world’s leading course creation experts -Mindvalley founder Vishen and top Udemy instructor Jimmy Naraine.

Take the Quiz here:

And, for Mindvalley Members, you can take Vishen and Jimmy’s complete course creation program ‘Course Pro’where you’re handed the exact system Mindvalley applies to create our best-in-class programs used by millions worldwide.

Course Pro is now available in Mindvalley Membership 👉

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The Key To A Successful Business That Most People Forget About [Video]

Here's the key to a successful business... ►► 4 Steps to Earn $1000/mo of Passive Income In Just 30 Minutes A Day. Free Workshop → So all my students want a successful business, whatever successful means to them. Whether that's six figures a year, seven figures a year, or if that just means having raving fans or products that you feel really good about that sell really well. Whatever you define as success, that's what we're working towards every single day. And that's what I'm trying to help you with every single week on this show. But there is a critical key to success. Something that most business owners don’t even think about and fail to see as the most important cogwheel in your business. This is so important. I don't want you to miss it. We're going to unpack it and break down five ways to apply this key principle to your business, because I don't want you to show up and work hard and not get results. So let's unpack what the key to success is that most people aren't talking about. In this episode you'll learn: - Why most business owners fail to acknowledge this crucial component for business growth - How this key principle will make all the difference for your business - What you need to get started with this key principle today! Hope you enjoy! - Graham

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Will This Be Helpful to You ? [Video]

Beginning of the year, I mentioned that I was developing an online course to help my patients more than just in the clinic. That has always been my goal. I was inspired by the amount of people who I am able to help through videos on our YouTube channel. Then life happened and I got sidetracked. I got pulled in many different directions at home and in the clinic. I lost my focus. I left things hanging. And I feel really bad for doing that.The past weekend, I attended a workshop that reminded me the reason why I wanted to create an online course in the first place. I renewed my passion. I regained my focus.For this course, I picked the most common post-surgery condition that I see in the clinic. The type of surgery that Orthopedic Surgeons and Physical Therapists have entrusted me their patients with. At times even when patients have found very poor results with.But before I spend more time doing creating this course, I want to ask your opinion.Will you or someone you know benefit from an online course to recover from a total knee replacement at home without coming in to the clinic?I would love to know what you think. At Restore Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our dedicated and welcoming staff creates an environment optimal for healing. The waiting area makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while the treatment area gets you energized to do your exercises. Our staff is highly trained, conscientious and compassionate while providing personalized, top quality treatments to each patient to help them regain their quality of life by restoring function, decreasing pain and increasing strength. We first do a complete and thorough assessment of the patient's problem and needs, and then work with the patient to reach their goal and restore their quality of life. The perfect combination of personality, advance knowledge, experience and equipment make this all possible. But it does not end there. Even after you are discharged from therapy, we are still with you. The patient support that our patients enjoy after their discharge from physical therapy is beyond comparison -- from our post rehab wellness program to our staff's accessibility to answer questions you may have. If you have pain, injury or weakness, don't wait much longer. We can help. Get it treated before it gets worse.Call today and get a free screening to determine if we are the right place for you: (800) 905-0513

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Should You Charge For a Beta Course? [Video]

A beta course is basically a 'test run' of a new course or coaching program that you've created. Running a beta round of your course with real people is a great way to test that your content flows, the tech works and to get real feedback about any improvements that it may need before you go hard with your launch. However, there is much debate out there as to whether you should charge your beta participants or not. In today's video, I share my perspective on whether or not you should be charging for your new course test-rounds....