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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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How to Build an Email List from Scratch [Video]

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How to Build an Email List from Scratch


Are you tired of creating online courses that no one buys? In this video, we’ll show you a proven step-by-step process to build and launch a successful online course without wasting money on ads or struggling with low sales. Follow these strategies to connect with your audience, validate your course idea, and get paid to create content that people actually want.


Common Mistakes Most Course Creators Make:

Building a course based on what you want to teach.
Trying to sell it to anyone and everyone.
Throwing money away on ads without being an expert in ads and funnels.
Wondering why no one buys it and eventually giving up.
A Better Approach:

Build a list of people interested in your topic.
Spend time building a relationship with your list.
Once you have 1,000 email subscribers, find out what they want to buy by asking:
What is your #1 problem right now?
What do you want to learn about?
Have them buy it before you make it. Be upfront and say you don’t have it yet, but will release a module a week or similar. This way, you get paid to create the course and can use the money for resources to better aid your audience.
Plan for Success:

Understand that this is a long-term approach.
It should take you at least two months to plan out and execute. Three months is even better.
By using this approach, Abbey Ashley made over $8,000 her first time with a subscriber base of around 1,200 people. While there are no guarantees, give yourself time to learn the system and processes.
Key Components of a Successful Course:

Traffic: Figure out where your audience will find you.
Freebie: Decide what valuable content you will give away to collect contact information.
Upsell: Develop an offer that will encourage subscribers to purchase more from you.
Validation: Ensure your course idea resonates with your audience before creating it.
Course Creation: Start with the end in mind and plan out your content strategically.
Building Your List:

Block Time Off: Dedicate time to build your email list.
Start with Friends and Family: Get your first subscriber from people you know to keep yourself accountable.
Expand Your Reach: Use personal outreach, local meetups, giveaways, and social media to grow your list.
Success Story: Learn how we started an email list from scratch and got 205 subscribers in 48 hours.
Keep Your List Engaged:

Consistently provide value to your subscribers.
Keep them engaged so they are used to hearing from you when you start selling your course.
Link to Detailed Guide:

How we started an email list from scratch and got 205 subscribers in 48 hours: Read More
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