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How to Build a Successful COACHING BUSINESS Just By Using SOCIAL MEDIA! [Video]

In today’s video, learn how to build a successful coaching business just by using social media!

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✎ Evan Carmichael is an author, speaker and a YouTuber who Gary Vee called the content DJ that inspires people. He went from making $300 per month and being a shy introvert to having over 300 million people watching his YouTube videos.

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Social Media Marketing

Legal Marketing with Elizabeth Ortega 03/02 by The Social Marketing Academy [Video]

How do you make yourself more visible to attract clients and grow your book of business? How open should you be with the media? What are your other clients seeing and how are they managing business development? To answer these questions and more, your host Christopher Tompkins sits down with legal marketer Elizabeth Ortega. Elizabeth is principal of ECO Strategic Communications and co-founded The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators. --- Connect with The Social Marketing Academy: --- Connect with Christopher Tompkins: --- Connect with Elizabeth Ortega and ECO Strategic Communications : --- The Social Marketing Academy is powered by The Go! Agency, a full-service marketing and sales agency based in Palm Harbor, Florida. To learn more about us check out the links below: