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How to Beat the Algorithm | Ask Me Anything [Video]

How to Beat the Algorithm | Ask Me Anything

Do you want your posts seen? Want followers to engage? Let’s chat about how to make that happen (hint: it’s easier than you think!).

00:00 Hello + Welcome
00:13 Do You Want Your Posts to Be Seen?
00:43 3 Desires of Business Owners
01:22 3 Struggles of Business Owners
01:54 Overcome Struggles to Achieve Desires
02:51 How The Algorithm Works
04:34 Build a Relationship Through Engagement
06:15 Creating an Engaging Post
08:59 Find Your Ideal Client
14:26 New Content Equals Relevancy
17:10 The Foundation of Strategy
17:55 Simplifying Social Media
18:48 If You Don’t Have An Interesting Life
20:50 Returning After a Hiatus
23:05 Where To Post on Facebook
25:18 Why You Aren’t Seeing Conversions
30:19 Final Thoughts

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