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How to Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Marketing Strategy [Video]

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Looking for a way to increase your marketing effectiveness WITHOUT increasing your budget? Or perhaps you’ve always relied on Facebook marketing and haven’t delved into Pinterest strategy for your business.

We’re settling the Pinterest vs Facebook marketing for business debate today, by teaching you how you can use BOTH without spending any additional money!

We sat down with Facebook and Pinterest marketing maven Holly Homer to
talk about harnessing the record-breaking engagement on Pinterest right now to assist your Facebook marketing.

Watch the full video replay to listen in on the interview with Holly Homer, and keep scrolling for interview-style show notes filled with Holly’s wisdom and anecdotes bout mad-scientist level experimentation with Pinterest marketing.

And don’t forget to snag our handy worksheet on how to make Pinterest work for your Facebook marketing strategy here! 👇

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When she’s not curating tons of new, inexpensive activities for children, she’s also speaking, …

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