How to Add FAQ to BigCommerce (2020) [Video]

Add FAQ to BigCommerce site in only 2 minutes –…

Free, no coding, easy, fast.

• Repaint all parts to create a remarkable FAQ section;
• Pick one of ready-made layouts and arrange any type of questions and answers effortlessly;
• Organize microdata question schema to upgrade SEO-optimization.

How to embed FAQ to BigCommerce website?
In order to display the widget on your website, just follow the following 3 fast actions:
1) Create and customize the widget;
2) Copy a unique code from in the notification window;
3) Place the code on the website.

Get more information about adding BigCommerce FAQ here –…

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To sell your BigCommerce store products on, Product Import is a very important step of the Wish Integration app registration. It is the process of listing all your BigCommerce products to the app and uploading the same on the Wish marketplace. In this video, you will learn about how to import products from BigCommerce to the Wish Integration App.Get the app on the Official BigCommerce App Store - LinkNow, to start with the import procedure, you need to select one of two options from the drop-down menu. The dropdown provides you two options:All Products: If you want to import all the existing products from BigCommerce to the app. Published Products: When you want to import only the published products available on your BigCommerce store to the app, then you select this option. All published means the products live at BigCommerce stores and are not hidden by the admin. Once you choose your desired option, your BigCommerce products will start importing from your store to the app.Once you are done with the importing process, click on “Next” and you will be redirected to the Admin Panel (dashboard) of the Wish Integration App which will look like as shown below:And when you reach the Dashboard of the app, it means you’ve complete the Wish App Configuration process.Isn’t it that simple and easy. Right? Do share the video & comment below!Happy selling!Don't forget to tell us how did you find the video in the comment section!Please Like the Video, Subscribe to Our Channel and share the video.Follow Us On: Facebook: Us: Support: support@cedcommerce.comSales: sales@cedcommerce.comOn Cell: (+91) -7234976892 (FOR INDIA)Toll-Free Number: 888-882-0953 (FOR USA)


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