How to add a time zone to events in Squarespace + Event List Date Styles [Video]

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How to add a time zone to events in Squarespace + Event List Date Styles

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This tutorial is for any version of Squarespace, 7 or 7.1!

This tutorial will show you how to add a time zone after the time listed for events in your Squarespace website I also wanted to share some clever code you can use to style the date displayed on the event list thumbnail. A few important things to note before you copy and paste this into your own site:

+ The time zone will be displayed on the events list AND the individual events page – anywhere time is listed for that event will have the text added to the end of it.

+ There is more than one way to do this! This is just one approach of many because code is super customizable.

+ There are a TON of creative things you can do with border codes. To learn more about borders, visit

+ I am using color names in this tutorial, but color codes like RGB, HEX, and HSL will work too. To learn more about color options, visit:

→ Add time zone to events listing
.event-time-12hr:after{content:” PST”}

→ Customize the event date: must be set as a “side tag” in 7.1
.eventlist-datetag{border-radius:50%; box-shadow: 5px 5px 15px rgba(0,0,0,0.2); background-color:purple; color:#yellow}

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