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How OpenSlate Aims To Make TikTok Brand-Safe: Foyle Beet.TV [Video]

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JoAnna Foyle is getting pretty good at playing whack-a-mole. As soon as a brand safety problem emerges on a new digital media platform, Foyle‘s company helps improve the situation.

OpenSlate, of which Foyle is chief operating officer, had already rolled out a service helping bring brand safety to YouTube and Facebook.

Earlier this month, it also struck a partnership with TikTok to provide a brand safety verification and filter tool that weeds out inappropriate content and categories for advertisers.

In this video interview, Foyle explains how the brand safety game is all about responsiveness.

Fast-changing content

“The minute you come up with what you think are a standard set of categories or models that you’re trying to manage for brand safety or brand suitability, the world of content changes,” Foyle explains.

“Think about what news today looks like versus five years ago. Think about what politics looks today versus five years ago. Sensitive social issues are more sensitive than they’ve …

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