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How Namshi Attained a Dramatic 115% Sales Increase [Video]

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Challenge is the number one fashion website in the Middle East, loved by consumers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Already experienced implementing remarketing and retargeting campaigns, they asked Criteo to help improve two KPIs – volume and ROI – and to meet their goal of driving 80% of new sales from within apps or the mobile web.


Criteo implemented Facebook DPA and App Retargeting for Namshi in order to engage new and existing customers across devices with personalized, optimized ads. Additionally, they worked in close partnership – not only with their dedicated Criteo account rep but also with Criteo’s Business Intelligence and Tech teams — to solve any new question or request decisively.


Namshi saw dramatic results in its Middle East markets:

  • 56% increase in sales from Facebook DPA YoY
  • 66% increase in sales after app retargeting launch
  • 115% sales increase YoY

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