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How I Wrote a Cold Email that Doesn’t require a Follow Up? [Video]

How I Wrote a Cold Email that Doesn’t require a Follow Up?

How I Wrote a Cold Email that Doesn’t require a Follow Up?

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Today I want to show you a cold email we wrote that didn’t require a follow-up and didn’t use custom first lines and yet got results like this. Stick around.

First, let’s talk about what we were doing – Me and Robert Indries, this entire year, I know it’s still quarter two, it’s still early in the year, but this entire year, me and him have been focused on one thing which is “Software”. And we’ve been focused on it for a couple different reasons. I think Robert sees the value of a good B2B software. I’m in it, of course, for crazy reasons, thinking that if you’re going to spend a 100K on a piece of real estate, that’s so risky because America might fall. But if you spend a 100K on a piece of software, at least if the country falls apart, you can move it. From a risk mitigation point of view, I’m into it. From a value point of view, Robert’s into it. We’ve been all-in on software.

Now, the first thing we wanted to do when it came to software was let’s be angel investors. That’s what we were thinking. Let’s be angel investors. Let’s try to buy some equity. And that is where this cold email came from. I figured if we go to ProductHunt and email some of these founders and offer to either buy their company or invest some money, some of them might be down. And based on these results, you could see most of them work. 50% response rates after sending 85 emails, 97% of people opened. These ProductHunt founders were down and I’ll give you the results here. We saw one term sheet from these where one company allowed us to invest. I think if we kept pushing, we probably could have gotten more, but we did pivot and ended up one, we’re developing something. But two, we acquired Botfuse. We’re working with Andrei now, who is the founder of Zopto. That kind of moved on from this thing so that’s why we didn’t really take too much advantage of this besides the one term sheet we got.

But today, I want to show you the email. What did it look like? And let me show you some high-level stuff. Why isn’t there a custom first line in this? And how can you use that to maybe avoid using custom first lines in the future? At X27, we don’t do custom first lines because at scale, if you do what I’m about to talk about, you don’t need them. It’s not something I recommend in Email10k, because it is a very advanced tactic, but I will share it here. Let’s jump into it.

Here is the link to the 50+ Cold Email Subject Lines in 2021:

0:00 Introduction

0:30 The Goal of the Campaign

2:05 The Secret to Avoiding Custom First Line

3:16 Lead Generation on Producthunt

4:38 Verified Emails Only

5:08 Using Proven Subject Lines

5:52 The Original Email Script

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