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How Government & Public Sector Leaders Can Be Social Media Influencers [Video]

I'm back with you again, but this time I'm going to speak to you about how public figures, senior leaders and politicians can be influencers online.

I recently read an article in Irish media actually criticising politicians for attempting to become influencers on social media. 

I kind of got a bit annoyed with it. 

I'm off the firm belief that all of us can be influencers in our own right. 

As long as we have subject matter expertise and there is an audience that cares to listen or wants to find out more about it, then we all have the ability to build up our tribe. 

I used to be a journalist, I used to have the control on whether a press release got in my bulletin or it was sent in the bin. 

In those days I was receiving faxes and emails and as you know the world has changed and so has the accessibility of content. 

Content …

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