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How GDPR Affects Facebook Advertising [Video]

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How GDPR Affects Facebook Advertising

Are you a website owner and wondering how GDPR affects Facebook advertising?  How does GDPR affect the Facebook pixel, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences?

In this post, I will dive deeper into what marketers should be doing to comply with GDPR and the EU Regulations.

First, Consult Your Lawyer

I’m not a lawyer and this post should not be used as legal advice. I have done a lot of research and consulted my own lawyer.

Also note that many things are evolving almost minute by minute with these regulations. I will update this article with any major changes but many things are shifting as this unfolds.

Does GDPR Affect Me?

Short answer – Yes.

Even if you don’t do business in the EU, your website may use cookies and people from the EU can navigate there.

Even if you are a local company, people could opt in to your newsletter from the EU.

At the very minimum, you should:

  1. Update your …
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