How Ecommerce Companies Can Do More with Less Shopping Ad Budget in 2020 [Video]

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Are you running Google Ads campaigns for your ecommerce store?

Online retailers spend a full 76% of paid search budget on Shopping Ads. Yet, studies have shown that nearly half that spend is wasted.

One simple change may be all it takes to eliminate ad spend wastage in your Google Shopping campaigns.

In this webinar, Jeff Deutsch, Marketing Director at Longtail UX, shares how optimizing your landing page and improving online shopper experience from Google Shopping Ads can boost your conversions.

– Why improving customer experience with Shopping Ads is the best place to start increasing efficiency.
– How ecommerce companies can reduce their Shopping Ad budgets while generating the same amount of revenue.
– What landing page optimization you can do to improve your online consumers' shopping experience.
– Case studies of successful ecommerce websites that implemented multi-product landing pages through Longtail UX.

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