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How e-commerce businesses benefit from content marketing [Video]

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For several years now, paid advertising has been the tried and tested tactic for customer acquisition. And with the advent of ad retargeting, many businesses have managed to reduce cart abandonment while retaining customers in the process.

In recent times, however, paid advertising has started to lose its edge.

The use of ad blockers continues to grow among users, with approximately 200 million people reportedly using them. In addition, it is believed that over 615 million devices now incorporate some type of ad-blocking software. 

With paid advertising increasingly losing its efficacy, how can e-commerce businesses keep their momentum and gain customers through an online presence?

Content marketing is the answer that many businesses have been looking for.

But just exactly what is it and how does it work?

The term “content marketing” goes beyond the traditional blogs and articles that people generally associate with it. 

Think beyond the format of content that the term generates. 

Content marketing includes the creation and distribution …

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