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How Does Google Ads Retargeting Work For Carpet Cleaners? Win Back Customers With These Banner Ads [Video]

How Does Google Ads Retargeting Work For Carpet Cleaners? Win Back Customers With These Banner Ads

Learn how Google Ads retargeting can help carpet cleaners win back customers who left your website. Need help? Visit

What is retargeting? Let me give you a carpet cleaning example:

A homeowner near you needs a carpet cleaner. She searches for “carpet cleaner” on Google, and because your company shows up near the top she clicks & visits your website. But for whatever reason, she doesn’t take any action. She doesn’t call or request a quote or book an appointment. She just leaves.

If you’re like most carpet cleaners, that’s the end of it. That potential customer is gone forever. But if you’re running a Google Ads retargeting campaign, your banner ads will start showing up everywhere that homeowner goes on the internet.

The homeowner visits a local news website and sees your banner ad on the side of the page. She visits a couple blogs and some other sites. Everywhere she goes, she sees your ads. Finally, she decides to click & visit your website again. She requests a quote and books an appointment.

That’s the magic of retargeting! You can show your ads to customers across Google’s HUGE display network for a small ad budget. If you’re running Google Ads search campaigns for your carpet cleaning business, a retargeting campaign is the perfect add-on.

Learn more about how Google Ads retargeting works for a carpet cleaning business in today’s video.

If you’re ready to get started with Google Ads, visit

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