How corporate branding works in content marketing [Video]

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Corporate branding is all about leaving an impression.

True to the roots of “brand”  — meaning “to mark” or “to burn” —  corporate branding is the creation of a lasting brand image and related associations for a target audience.

Everything from the color of an organization’s corporate logo to how it succinctly summarizes its values and larger brand story make up its corporate branding.

How corporate branding works through names and colors

Consider the startup Shop, which offers parcel tracking, online payments and e-commerce recommendations. Its distinctive brand identity has three main components:

  1. The color purple.
  2. Typography with a stylized “O” in the word “Shop.”
  3. The tagline “Better in every way.”

First, here’s the top of its desktop website. Note the logo, colorization, tagline and “Carbon Offsetting,” a big part of its brand story:

Next, here are two grabs of its Instagram account, where the slogan takes on new forms (“Track better, etc.”) while leveraging the same purple hue:

Finally, here’s the settings page of its mobile app — …

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