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How Conversion Logic Scores 25-30K MRR by Focusing on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) [Video]

Hey everyone! In today’s episode, I share the mic with Tony Yang, VP of Marketing at Conversion Logic, an independent SaaS-based attribution measurement and analytics provider. Check out Conversion Logic’s CEO Brian Baumgart on the Growth Everywhere video series Tune in to hear Tony’s insights about why internal marketing is so important, critical methods of Account-Based Marketing, and how they went from 15-20K to 25-30K MRR! Time-Stamped Show Notes:

    • [00:51] Before we jump into today’s interview, please leave a review and rating and subscribe to the Growth Everywhere Podcast!
    • [02:10] He has been the VP for only 8 months at this point.
    • [02:45] He has primarily held marketing roles for the last decade, while working at various startups and large telecom companies.
    • [03:40] They are a SaaS platform that solves a problem for consumer marketers.
    • [03:55] They solve the problem of attribution.
  • [06:00] The issue is how to track interaction across platforms and devices and understand where the …
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