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Hostinger vs Site123 | Choosing the Best Website Builder for 2024 [Video]

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Hostinger vs Site123 | Choosing the Best Website Builder for 2024

🧨 Use the easiest website builder for your next project – Hostinger Vs Site123! 🧨
✅ Hostinger Website Builder – 78% OFF + FREE months ➡️ https://cnews.link/get-hostinger-builder_1/_Z6Ekc0Mz-E/
✅ Site123 Website Builder – Limited-time offer! ➡️ https://cnews.link/get-site123/_Z6Ekc0Mz-E/

Look, I like fancy extensive builders as much as the next guy – but a simple tool is sometimes just… better for the job. Both SITE123 and the Hostinger website builder claim to be easy tools that any beginner can pick up. But I’ll be the judge of that today, so let’s delve deep into this Hostinger vs Site123 comparison…

💰 Plans and Pricing – Hostinger vs Site123!

➡️ The first thing to note here about SITE123 PRICING – it has a complete FREE WEBSITE BUILDER plan. Unlike HOSTINGER, where you have to first grab a subscription to start building, here you can start, craft, and even publish a website on a free subdomain. Of course, this plan is very very restrictive and displays Site123 advertisements, but for testing or simple school projects, this is a viable option.

➡️ Now of course you want a premium home for your premium project, so I’ve left my best discount deals below… Overall, Hostinger offers more affordable plans. The main reason for that is that Hostinger’s premium plans have a limit of 100 websites per account, while Site123 premium plans are for just one website. So Site123 – each website requires its own plan, Hostinger – you only need one subscription. And, below $5 a month for 100 projects is what I would call truly affordable. But, IS SITE123 WORTH IT at all?

✅ Site123 Website Builder ➡️ https://cnews.link/get-site123_2/_Z6Ekc0Mz-E/

🧩 Editing and Ease of Use – Hostinger vs Site123!

➡️ Both builders lack more advanced business, marketing, or even product management tools that make running complex projects or large websites here… well… difficult. So straight from the get-go, these are oriented for a small, maybe medium type of project. But surprisingly, they have very different approaches to this. Hostinger uses a lot of AI technology and modern designs with full drag-and-drop controls. It’s a way more responsive builder that allows for quite varied template customizations.

➡️ Site123 is more rigid, there are no drag-and-drop controls, and you don’t really get that much creative freedom. But it’s also easier to edit a website here, and limited options might be a plus for certain users. I usually say that Hostinger is a tool for when you want to CRAFT a nice-looking website, and Site123 is a tool for when you just want to HAVE a website.

✅ Hostinger Website Builder ➡️ https://cnews.link/get-hostinger-builder_4/_Z6Ekc0Mz-E/

🚀 Business Tools and Extra Features – Hostinger vs Site123!

➡️ Hostinger offers quite a few AI tools and overall life improvements but doesn’t have any add-ons or ways to add more functionality. Site123 doesn’t delve into the AI world, but it has a healthy selection of third-party apps for extra control, and marketing add-ons. Basically, this means that you can have nearly a full business integration with Site123, adding a live chat, email marketing tools, or booking apps, all without leaving the Site123 platform. With Hostinger you will have to do most of your tasks through external tools and providers, which isn’t perfect.

➡️ Though those HOSTINGER AI TOOLS are really impressive, my favorite one is the AI layout fixer – when creating a website we need to ensure that it also looks good on mobile devices. This tool just fixes any issues with structure and elements for you with a click of a button. I also love that I can use a text generator inside the editor itself, it saves me time, and the generation itself isn’t that bad. The same situation is with Image generation, basically allowing you to create a fully functional website with just AI…

00:00 Intro
0:22 Hostinger vs Site123 – Regular Templates!
1:18 AI Templates!
2:00 Hostinger vs Site123 – Editing Designs!
2:58 Working with Elements and Sections!
4:09 Hostinger vs Site123 – Business and Extra Apps!
5:26 Plans and pricing!
6:33 Hostinger vs Site123 – Extra Pricing Information!
7:23 Hostinger vs Site123 – Performance Test and Results!
8:46 Best Website Builder? – Site123 vs Hostinger!

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