Homeowners say they can’t sell properties because of queues on their street for nearby Primark [Video]

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Homeowners in Brighton have been left furious after they have been left unable to sell their properties because of long socially-distanced queues of shoppers backing onto their street. 

Shoppers trying to enter the Primark store on Western Road in Brighton have been instructed to maintain social distancing while they queue.

The store has also been limiting the number of customers allowed in at any one time.

However, angry residents claim that the measures have resulted in shoppers blocking access to properties as well as dropping cigarette butts and setting off car alarms.

Unlike other retailers, Primark does not offer online shopping, meaning that when their Brighton store reopened on June 15, massive 'festival-like' queues formed.

Speaking about the queues, resident Richy Charles said: 'Some of us have wanted to sell our houses, but we have no chance with Primark allowing queues like this. We are stuck.

'The queue was redirected …

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