Headless Ecommerce – Headless CMS [Video]

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What is Headless?

"Headless Ecommerce" and/or "Headless CMS" is the separation of a front-end and back-end web application into different distinct systems. Some platforms are designed to be headless, but most applications of headless involve building a replacement front-end for a platform with the intent of not using the default front-end.

While not entirely a new or unique idea, the rise of APIs has unlocked many benefits of the headless approach for retailers and brands who are looking for greater flexibility within their digital channels.

Headless Website Apps

Who Needs Headless Websites?

Headless is most often used by mid-market and enterprise brands or retailers who want unlimited flexibility within omnichannel approaches or those who must provide rich user experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Brand Benefits

The headless approach offers a number of benefits:

  • A faster time to market compared to custom implementation.
  • The ability to join multiple back-end systems into a cohesive front-end experience.
  • Full control over the end-to-end platform and the ability …
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