Hawaii Open World Deep Dive PlayStation.Blog [Video]

After many years in development, Shakedown: Hawaii is finally in the… well, final stretch. This latest trailer pulls back the curtain and dives deep into the game – the world, story, empire building, characters, and customization. Take a look and see what’s been brewing!

Meet the CEO

Shakedown: Hawaii follows an aging CEO, struggling to make sense of the modern world. Online shopping killed his retail stores, ride sharing his taxi business, and streaming his video stores. His company’s stuck in the past, and so is he! To save the company, he’ll need to learn the methods of modern business, and use them to rebuild his empire.

Build a business empire

The entire island is up for grabs… or at least, could be… with the right business model. Build a “legitimate” corporation by completing open-world missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, and “rezoning” land.

Questionable subsidiaries, misleading ads, fine print, service fees, and marketing spin are your building blocks. Acquired businesses can be …

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