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HalloThanksMas is Upon Us [Video]


HalloThanksMas is Upon Us

The holidays are upon us. Or are they? Well, the holiday merch is on display already in August. How has Black Friday/Cyber Monday evolved and what do vendors and merchants do to keep up and meet consumers where they are? The world has changed and so has the shopper experience and what they expect to experience. Listen now to hear Meghan Stabler, Senior Vice President of Marketing at BigCommerce, share key insights on how to navigate these changes and set up your brand for a winning strategy for this coming holiday season.

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{00:04:30} – “The world has changed. The shopper experience has changed. That linear thing that you talked about from an experience perspective has changed. That journey that customers go on has changed. The way that they interface, they search, they click, they like, they turn you into a buyer immediately has changed. So merchants have to change too. So now is the time, if you haven’t already thought about is what is your strategy?” – Meghan
{00:15:24} – “eCommerce nowadays is the mentality of all of these things coming together: the infrastructure, the platform capabilities, and then what you want to do as an eCommerce brand manager that has to be seamless to capture me in that very emotional moment of buying.” – Meghan
{00:22:07} – “One of the things that I think is super important and it’s not discussed too much in typical holiday shopping prep is you actually need to prep for other types of shoppers that you wouldn’t normally deal with when you’re typically running your promotional promos or your marketing or messaging campaigns. The type of buyer might be someone who’s way outside of your ICP, but they’re buying it for someone that they know is in your ICP.” – Brian
{00:41:47} – “Merchants have to think global at local as well and when they think about this is just a Thanksgiving Day sale, yeah, it may be but Thanksgiving is not celebrated overseas. But at the same time, your sales are celebrated and people are going to your site to think about things.” – Meghan
{00:44:08} – “Some retailers definitely have to lean more into promotion to have a clear out and to make room for inventory. And others are leaving money on the table. That’s where you don’t ever really get the demand curve perfectly. What I think we’ve seen most recently is that there were some missed forecasts and demand that have led to the industry having to lean more into promotion over the last 18 months.” – Phillip
{00:47:44} – “The future of commerce is where AI is going to lead us from where I sort of surrounded it on the data side and analytics and then getting into predictive analytics and then getting into predictive changes and then making individualized journey changes.” – Meghan

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