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GU Live Lunch Ep 75 – Twitter Safety, Marketing ROI, Linkedin Stories, TikTok ads, and Facebook news [Video]

GU Live Lunch Ep 75 – Twitter Safety, Marketing ROI, Linkedin Stories, TikTok ads, and Facebook news

Welcome to Live Lunch!

This week it was just the GU team talking about Twitter safety measures, Marketing ROI, Linkedin Stories, TikTok ads, Clubhouse, Facebook news, online safety, and more…

Here are the snippets:

Twitter has announced that they are running a test of a Safety Mode on the platform to help users avoid online abuse. The new feature allows users to temporarily switch their account into a privacy mode for 7 days, meaning that their profile is not visible to users they don’t usually interact with. (02:05 – 03:34)

Another update aimed at online safety is from Instagram. They are now asking new users to enter their date of birth to combat underage use of the platform. Whilst it’s obviously possible for users to input false information, hopefully, the move will encourage users to think about whether the platform is age-appropriate. (03:36 – 04:02)

Clubhouse has announced that they are introducing Spatial Audio effects to improve the audio experience of using the platform. It is hoped that the improved sound quality will add more of a ‘live’ feel to the experience, and therefore encourage more users to the platform. (04:06 – 05:49)

LinkedIn has announced that they are discontinuing their Stories feature at the end of September to make way for a revamped experience. There are no hints yet as to what changes we can expect to see, however, given the low uptake of the existing feature, we look forward to seeing what improvements are made. (05:50 – 08:49 9:53 – 10:42)

Facebook has started rolling out an update that makes it easier for users to switch between profiles more easily, which includes the option to switch between profiles within the Messenger app as well as main Facebook profiles. This update does cause changes to the placement of the profile picture, so it may be necessary for some users to tweak cover images to avoid covering important information given the new layout. (10:50 – 14:30)

The Recruiting Brainfood newsletter which is released every Sunday contained details of an announcement from Facebook’s Transparency Centre. The report outlined what posts users see on their newsfeeds and stated that in Q2 of 2021, 57% of posts were from direct connections, 19% related to groups that users were members of and 14% were updates from followed pages. Facebook also said that 9% of posts were suggested posts based on the user’s activity and interests. (15:07 – 18:57)

HubSpot has recently released a report on which social media channels offer the greatest ROI for advertising. The report was not sector-specific, however, it found that overall, 40% of marketers report Facebook as their most effective platform, followed by Instagram with 30%. LinkedIn was in 3rd place with 10%. It will come as little surprise that, with 2.8 billion active monthly users, as well as the specific targeting options it offers, Facebook offers the greatest successes overall. (19:27 – 30:10)

TikTok has started rolling out Boosted Posts as an option on the platform, to allow business pages to increase video views, website visits and follower numbers. The only types of posts which cannot be boosted are those containing copyrighted music. (31:03 – 32:58)

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