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Grow your business online with GetResponse Free (Forever) [HOT NEWS] [Video]

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Grow your business online with GetResponse Free (Forever) [HOT NEWS]

Get started FOR FREE today: https://bit.ly/3m7GeTe

Businesses and entrepreneurs have the chance to start or move their businesses online with the GetResponse Free plan. Then they can upgrade to one of the paid plans to start building relationships with their new leads and get their business growing.

With the new GetResponse Free plan, you can start creating an online presence for your business – for free, forever!

Here’s what the GetResponse Free plan has for your business:

1️⃣ Get your website up and running
⚡Build your website using a code-free, AI-powered website builder or choose from 300+ templates
⚡Easily customize your website with the drag-and-drop editor
⚡Connect your own domain or use one of the free ones
⚡Attract organic traffic with SEO tools

2️⃣ Generate and collect leads
⚡Get more engagement with attractive popups
⚡Create and host your first landing page
⚡Use signup and contact forms

⚡Send an unlimited number of newsletters
⚡Use the drag-and-drop email creator
⚡Store up to 500 contacts

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/getresponse

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Digital Marketing Q&A - Hump Day Hangouts - Episode 374 [Video]

Get Bradley's GMB Process Checklist for free here: https://gmbprocess.comReady to start OR grow profitable local digital marketing agency? Join the Semantic Mastery MasterMIND: https://mastermind.semanticmastery.comJoin the discussion live each week for FREE (or ask questions ahead of time): http://semanticmastery.com/hdquestionsAnd, if you want to get notifications of upcoming weekly SEO Q&A webinars "Hump Day Hangouts" sign up here: http://semanticmastery.com/humpdayStay up to date with the latest videos and training by subscribing to the Semantic Mastery Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=semanticmasteryMore videos about SEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20AURKe0smg&list=PL1oO3mUVEcfpUc753HsfSJpvv4bicf5_MMore videos about Lead Generation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSW-bwm-Lko&list=PL1oO3mUVEcfrS3wwtHTt6Ls24_8_ZAZJKMore videos about SEO Questions Answered on Hump Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYv44gXnC68&list=PL1oO3mUVEcfo33kNReI6LwcM3MfgGoVpmLastly, come join us in the Semantic Mastery Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SEOtutorials0:00 Intro and announcements14:18 So I understand that the link t1 building is gone and the link index is irrelevant (Just driving traffic will solve it). What methods do use now for offsite? Do you still use SEO shield (IFTTT and Google properties)? What about the press releases? Do you use the cloud links for t1 or t2 or both? The old GSite can be created now. Do you use only single new GSite?Jesper Nissen's SEO Courses: https://jespernissen.com/courses25:00 I'm basically a pro in the niche I'm in and I don't think anyone can write content good as me in that specific niche besides competitors. So how to delegate the money site content - someone that will write as a pro?26:04 Do you use the cloud links for t1 or t2 OR Money Site or all of them? 26:22 I went over to a US local area services and saw "GOOGLE GUARANTEED" boxes. Does it worry you about getting leads? 27:14 How fast do you get ranked on local on a totally new site?28:50 Hey ya'll, have a client which for trademark purposes has multiple domains registered for their brand name with different tlds like .net, .co etc. Currently they all 301 to the primary site and have email forwarders. Is there anything that can be done to provide some seo benefits, was thinking to send some pbn links from legit to them with branded anchors to be safe but not sure if its a good idea. 37:28 Bradley you mentiones last time you have done a ton of testing with cloud hosts and linkbuilding? Have you tried Dropbox? If not what are some other solid platforms? Arw you directly copying the ID page and other docs, sheets etc or creating freah content for each stack?43:42 was listening to an seo podcast where someone mentioned there are ways to have clones of your money site to help generate more links. Is this something your familiar with if so how can it be done safely. Thanka guys for all you do your work is hands down the best!51:38 I've seen some self-described Local Lead Gen "Gurus" stating that they use EMDs for their sites because they get them top rankings, e.g. "plumberinhouston.com" . . but I was wondering, (1) It used to be that having the niche & location, or even just the niche, in the domain for a local lead gen site would help with ranking, is that still so today? and 52:41 if you're building a WP local multi-city lead gen site and you have the niche in the domain, e.g., "bestplumber.com, can you repeat the niche in each city page url, e.g., "bestplumber.com/plumber-in-miami", or also in the "Page Title", without some kind of seo penalty from Google? . . and if you can do either or both of those things without any real problem, do you have to then reduce the usage of the targeted city name or the niche in the page content to almost zero to avoid an over-optimization penalty, and what is the preferred percentage usage for both? 55:25 the most recent update has been pretty terrible in terms of pushing weak, somewhat spammy/low effort GMBs in the map packs. Seems like proximity is becoming more important as a signal, despite lower value listings overall. Thoughts on that and the recent update? 57:20 When it comes to YouTube videos, is a pre-recorded live stream video a substantial disadvantage to uploading a video file that has the properties filled out with keywords? I'm trying to find a way to have my VA's upload videos to client channels without them needing direct access to client channels.59:08 Can I be successful with 80% white label SEO and stuff?

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase through one of our partners we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Read our full affiliate, advertising and privacy policy here.

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Carney Digital Marketing & Online Sales [Video]

Looking to digitalise your restaurant or bar? Wow your audience with video

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▷ SEO Video Show EP074: David Bain - Founder @Digital Marketing Radio | Author of "SEO in 2022" [Video]

Buy the SEO in 2022 Book now! https://amzn.to/3F96FiR ▷ SEO Video Show EP074: David Bain - Founder @Digital Marketing Radio | Author of "SEO in 2022"This week on Google Search Central's channel Mike King a past guest here on the SEO Video Show, was a special guest on Martin Split's show Be sure to check it out! There are a lot of questions that are related to domains when it comes to SEO John Muller answers a few: https://youtu.be/9ERB7gJV7o8?t=15 Is SEO Keyword Density an SEO Ranking Factor? Josh Bachynski posted his first 2022 video on his channel; let's check it out https://youtu.be/J0ahfWgi4_E?t=286 To continue on the topic of entities. Jason Barnard shares the close relationship between entities and E-A-T.https://youtu.be/HgqaSj7SLoQ?t=15 Speaking of entity SEO, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR started posting videos to his Youtube channel. Be sure to learn more about entity SEO and semantic SEO. Link to his channel belowhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXTg_CjVldLQ1RH8jxTTqiw Creating topical authority is a crucial part of my SEO strategy. Andy Chadwick shares his strategy on Crawling Mondays on how to create and optimize your topic clusters https://youtu.be/BVrArU6xtvo?t=1537 I'm a big fan of analyzing Google SERPs when creating content. You can read all about it in my contribution it the new SEO in 2022 book by my guest today! While I get things ready here, let's give away a couple of books! Guess the page number where I begin, and the two closest will get a copy! Don't forget to ask questions, and I will address them in the order I receive them. ======== David helps B2B brands to grow and nurture their audiences through his podcast, YouTube, and book production services.A digital marketing pioneer, podcast host, and producer, he started his first online business in 2000.He has been doing SEO since 2004 at multiple international marketing agencies. His first podcast was in 2006, and in 2014 he founded Digital Marketing Radio that currently has 270 episodes.He's worked with several global organizations, including Google and Nespresso.He delivered dozens of digital marketing training sessions and hosted hundreds of podcasts, webinars, and online summits.He has a Udemy classroom with over 111k students.Please welcome the author of SEO in 2022 and the founder of Casting Cred, David Bain! ========#SEO #SearchEngineOptimization #SEOvideoSHOW Follow us:https://youtube.seo.videohttps://www.twitter.com/seovideoshowhttps://www.facebook.com/seovideoshowhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/seovideoshowhttps://g.page/seovideoshowChat live: https://seo.video/discordContact us:Paul Andre "DRE" de Veraweb: https://seo.videoemail: dre@seo.videophone: (323) 523-5122

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Why We Left The "Make Money Online" / "Internet Marketing" Niche [Video]

After 13 years of primarily serving the "make money online" / "internet marketing" niche, we decided to shift focus to helping coaches, consultants and course creators. This led to our business seeing its first $112k month while our clients got their best results ever - plus we enjoyed the process a lot more too. Here's why we made the switch...- James Francis.Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.P.S. To echo what I said in the video, we have nothing against the people in our previous audience - far from it! We just realized we can help a different audience (coaches, consultants and course creators) much better than those looking to make a quick buck overnight.P.P.S. Not in our Facebook group yet? Join us here: https://www.DigitalProsperity.com/community .