GrooveKart Tutorial 8 – Creating a Product in AliExpress [Video]

GrooveKart Tutorial 8 – Creating a Product in AliExpress

GroovekKart Tutorial 8 – AliExpress – Start eCommerce Business without own product. Make your eCommerce store for FREE today!!!

If you ever wanted to start an eCommerce business? Create an online store for FREE. This video is the eighth in a series of videos on GrooveKart Training.

This video shows you how to create a product in AliExpress. We will cover connecting your GrooveKart store to ALIExpress using an API key, finding a product on AliExpress, pricing the product, importing to GrooveKart, and the My Products tab.

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0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Setting up AliExpress
3:43 – Choosing a Product in AliExpress
5:45 – Adding a Product to GrooveKart
6:07 – Pricing the Product
7:33 – Choosing the Right Seller in AliExpress
9:20 – Where the Product Ships From
10:22 – Making a Category
11:43 – Importing the Product to GrooveKart
13 12 – My Products 1. Information
23:30 – My Products 2. Import Images & Video
25:56 – My Products 3. Pricing & Variants
26:43 – My Products 4. Settings
27:18 – My Products 5. Reviews
27:18 – My Products 6. Finish

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