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Green Leader Annamie Paul points out online threats, calls for accountability [Video]

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Green Party Leader Annamie Paul launches her election campaign at a press conference in the riding of Toronto Centre on Aug. 15.

Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul said she has been receiving threats online from people saying they will show up to disrupt her party’s campaign events.

Paul said in a news release her party has not had any hecklers at its events, but party members are alarmed about what they have seen on social media.

She said social media has made it easier to provoke people, adding there is a need for accountability and education strategies to address the issue.

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“Recently there was an entire Facebook thread, on a public group, proposing that someone come and assault me at one of my events,” she said in the statement.

Paul said the RCMP should have provided protection to all party leaders during the election campaign.

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